Pi Alert !

Math textbooks
have pi alert

ince Oklahoma legislators are assisting the state's textbook committee with biblically-enlightened requirements for science books, they should not overlook the situation with pi , a circle's circumference divided by its diameter). At least two biblical passages (1 Kings 7,23 and 2 Chronicles 4,2, describing a circular pool in Solomon's temple: "... ten cubits from brim to brim, round in compass, ... thirty cubits did it compass round about.") clearly give pi the value of exactly 3 and not the value 3.1415926... commonly taught in schools today (nor the legal value of 22/7 specified by a bygone legislature of another state). If the objective is to temper science education in Oklahoma with clear biblical information, certainly a "pi alert" should be required in math books.

This was meant as a letter-to-the-editor, after the Oklahoma textbook committee required that evolution be taught as a "theory" and that creationism be mentioned as a possible origin of life. (Also, a poll was published that indicated more Oklahomans believe that life was created rather than evolved.) Ultimately this letter was not submitted on the chance that it might be taken seriously.